Haiku Friday – Flame & Kiss

20 Jan



Flame and Kiss are this week’s prompt words chosen by Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes.

Ron hosts a challenge that anyone could participate in called Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge every Monday, and you have until Sunday to create a post featuring your haiku poem. He is an author and poet and also does author interviews and much more on his blog. Be sure to check it out. Read Ron’s Haiku Prompt Challenge Guidelines for more information.

Victoria Frances-vampire-Poetry-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q-haiku_Friday

Illustration by Victoria Frances


by Vashti Q

Beware the embrace

That burns with a passion deep

The succubus’ kiss

The Writer Next Door-vampire-Victoria Frances-Poetry-Haiku_Friday-kiss

Illustration by Victoria Frances


Have a great weekend!

23 Responses to “Haiku Friday – Flame & Kiss”

  1. Annette Rochelle Aben January 20, 2017 at 2:53 pm #

    Beware… indeed!

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  2. olganm January 20, 2017 at 3:21 pm #

    A story in a haiku, Vashti. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Al Lane January 20, 2017 at 5:44 pm #

    Hmm… that’s red hot!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Denis1950 January 21, 2017 at 12:05 am #

    This haiku generates a lot of heat Vashti

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Sunni Morris January 21, 2017 at 12:08 am #

    Hmmm…be careful. Fire’s are burning.

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    • Vashti Quiroz-Vega January 22, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

      How could you not take the fiery route with the prompt words we got this week? Ha, ha! 😉


  6. dgkaye January 22, 2017 at 5:32 pm #

    That’s hot! 🙂 ❤

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  7. JESS44903 January 23, 2017 at 12:52 pm #

    WoW! SO good! 🙂

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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  8. jaye22 February 1, 2017 at 11:30 am #

    Simmering and saucy Vashti – well done x x x x

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  9. Prakash Hegade February 2, 2017 at 10:45 am #

    Well done with this one!

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  10. Jerry Peri February 12, 2017 at 5:34 am #

    Reblogged this on Jerri Perri.

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  11. Jerry Peri February 12, 2017 at 5:36 am #

    How big will your smile be with this comment?

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