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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – The Voices In Your Head

29 Jul

Today is  Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Colleen from Silver Threading

I am quoting the author of The Crater Lake Series, Francis Guenette. I was visiting her blog the other day and read this quote which she wrote and I had to share it, because it is insightful and makes complete sense to me.

Writer's Quote Wednesday-The Writer Next Door

“We owe our characters something that no one else can give them. So, learn the rules, read the advice and then throw it all away and listen to those voices in your head.”

~Francis Guenette

I thought I’d post a small excerpt from my book, The Fall of Lilith which demonstrates some of my character’s personality traits.

            “We should consume it.” Lilith licked her bottom lip.

“What? You cannot mean . . . ” Gadreel could not bring herself to say the words.

“We need nourishment to survive,” Lilith said. “The small animal’s carcass can provide us with a substantial amount of food.”

Samael stared at her, openmouthed. “But Lilith, consuming animal flesh is surely forbidden.”

“Why?” Lilith asked, without hesitation. “The rules we lived by in Heaven no longer exist here on Earth. We are different creatures now, and we make our own rules.”

“In Heaven we ate fruit and vegetables on occasion for the pleasure of it,” Gadreel’s said. “I understand that on Earth we need sustenance to survive, but we were taught in Heaven that animals should be cherished.”

“You forget we are no longer in Heaven.” Lilith stared at her. “We rule over these animals now and we shall do what we please with them.”

She strutted to the small camel’s carcass and lifted it from the ground. The large camel snapped at her several times, and finally latched onto one of her wings with its large teeth and held on tight.

Gadreel and Samael watched in horror as Lilith willed her serpent form and then struck the animal with her tail until the camel finally surrendered and retreated.

Lilith placed the stiff little calf on its back upon a flat surface of the cave. Her nails grew into sharp talons as they had in the jungle. She ripped the calf’s soft underbelly open and began to gorge on its insides.

Samael toddled toward her. Dark blood ran along the sides of Lilith’s mouth, and her neck and hands were coated in it.

“Are you enjoying that?” Gadreel became nauseated and dizzy watching her eat.

“No. It is revolting, but it fills my belly, and it strengthens me.”


Tag, I’m It!

27 Jan

Hello everyone! I was invited to participate in a Blog Chain. Francis Guenette a fellow author and blogging buddy tagged me. Francis’ debut novel ‘Disappearing in Plain Sight‘ is now available and the sequel “The Light Never Lies‘ will be available soon.

the_light_never_lies-3-d-bookcover disappearing-in-plain-sight-3-d-bookcover


All I have to do is answer the following four writing questions, and then tag three other authors. Next week, February 03, 2014, these three authors will answer the same questions and tag three others and so the chain continues to grow larger. This will enable readers to get to know more authors and their books. It will also allow everyone to get to know these authors a little better.





1) What are you currently working on?


I’m currently working on my Fantasy Angels Series. The first installment of the series ‘Lilith’ is already finished at 120,000 words and is in the editing process. I’m in the process of writing the second installment ‘Dracul’. I already have an outline for the third installment.


2) How does your work differ from others’ in the same genre?


I believe every author has his or her own personal style of writing. The way I work things out on paper tends to be unexpected in most cases. I like to keep my audience at the edge of their seat anticipating my next move and being surprised at the end. At least that’s what I aim for. It isn’t always a bulls-eye, but I do try.


3) Why do you write what you do?


I love to read Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller and Horror. Therefore, I write what I love to read and see in my mind’s eye.


4) How does your writing process work?


I start off with a rough outline of the story. My outline is really like a little seedling and as I write I develop my stories and characters. I love to draw sketches of my settings, characters and even vestments and props in the story. I have ‘hearing’ and smelling’ days in which I spend a few hours listening to different sounds that would most likely be in my story or smelling (creating smells) that I would describe in my story (I know I’m weird). I make notes of features and traits in people and animals that get my attention to use later in a story.


Okay, now that you know a lot more than I probably should have revealed about me let me introduce you to the three authors I have tagged.



Alana Munro: Alana is a best selling author. Her book ‘Women Behaving Badly’ made it to the top of the Kindle’s bestselling list. Alana is not a psychotherapist, but she is a woman who has suffered plenty in the hands of other women and I believe that sometimes you just need a fresh and ordinary perspective of experiences in order to learn and grow instead of a sterilized analysis from someone who’s never experienced what they’re writing about. I read her book in record time and it really helped me understand some of my female relationships a great deal better.

 Women Behaving Badly


Jo Robinson: I am currently reading Jo’s book, ‘Shadow People’ and I have to say that I had to tear myself away from it to write this post. So far it’s a fascinating read.



William O’Brien: I read William’s book ‘Peter: A Darkened Fairytale‘ and it took me for a wild ride through a fantastic world filled with interesting characters. It read like Alice in Wonderland on acid!

Peter A Darkened Fairytale



Be sure to check out these fabulous authors and their books. I promise you will not regret it.