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Haiku Friday – Bliss & Brawn

22 Jun

Hi, everyone! Welcome!

Don’t build your paradise on sand or online. Sometimes the world is too bright. That’s because we’re looking into a screen. I’m blinded by false smiles. Status: Happily married. Happy and married until the moment you go off line? Although there are many genuine people on social media and I know a bunch, there are also people living their lives in a digital utopia. Family and friends are my paradise.

Two things upset me this week. The first, I came across a picture of a friend on Instagram. She wore a huge smile and looked happy and radiant. Then I read the caption. She wrote that just before she took the selfie she had been crying her eyes out. I called her to find out what was going on. It turns out she was devastated, because her cat had died. I understand not wanting to post about her cat’s demise, but why then post a picture depicting herself as being happy when she clearly wasn’t?

Then I got the news that another friend was getting divorced. It came as a complete shock to me and apparently everyone else, because there were a myriad of photos online of the happy couple hugging and kissing at the beach, smiling lovingly into each other’s eyes, looking like the perfect pair. Some of the pictures were dated a day or two before the announcement was made. To say I was confused is an understatement.

I guess no one wants their feed cramped with sad pictures and people griping about their problems. I get that. If you’ve travelled, made a discovery, baked a cake, had a great meal, accomplished something, by all means, post it online but be honest about it. I want to know the good with the bad. Maybe I can learn something from your experience.

I love social media as much as the next person but I wouldn’t post a picture of myself grinning from ear to ear unless I was truly happy at that moment.

Also, be present when you’re with your loved ones. Enjoy their company. Put away that iPhone, pad, laptop. They won’t be around forever, so be present in the moment. Life is made of moments and we need to experience each one, because we don’t know which will have an impact on our lives.

Bliss and Brawn are this week’s prompt words chosen by Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes.

Ron hosts a challenge that anyone could participate in called Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge every Monday, and you have until Sunday to create a post featuring your haiku poem. He is an author and poet and also does author interviews and much more on his blog. Be sure to check it out. Read Ron’s Haiku Prompt Challenge Guidelines for more information.

family-social media-internet-Haiku_Friday-Poetry-Vashti Quiroz Vega-Vashti Q-RonovanWrites-online

The world is broken

Our strong family bond

Is our paradise

Family-friends-online-haiku_Friday-Poetry-photos-collage-Vashti Quiroz Vega-Vashti Q

Live in the Moment

Search for bliss online

Virtual hugs comfort none

I prefer real flesh

internet-hugs-friends-Haiku_Friday-Poetry-haiku-Vashti Quiroz Vega-Vashti Q-RonovanWrites

Have a great day!


Hello Stress!

3 Sep


Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope everyone is enjoying his or her day. Okay, so for the last few months, my house has been up for sale. I decided to share some of that experience with you all.

When I first put my South Florida home on the market, I was told it could take up to a year to sell. Since there was no telling just how long the process would take, I didn’t want to pack away too many things. I began chipping away at the task little by little.

Little by little.

Within a few months, I had an offer from some people who lived in New Jersey. I was jumping up and down with glee – until I was told that if I wanted to make the sale, I had to vacate in three weeks.

What? Three weeks? If I had a cat she’d be surprised too!

Now, I’m talking about a large four-bedroom house, filled with all kinds of things accumulated throughout the years. I’m not a hoarder, but it is difficult for me to throw things out. I took a good look around my home and became completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start.

First, I needed boxes. I bought a few at Home Depot, but my mom had a better idea. She got me as many as I wanted for free from a medical establishment that she and my dad attended. I required other supplies that couldn’t be had for free: tape, bubble wrap and shrinkwrap. With all the necessary materials in hand, it was time to start packing – but where to begin?

Moving - Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog

If you ever need some alone time, just utter these words: “I need help moving.” Family and friends will immediately scatter to the four winds. With this particular project, it seemed I was on my own.

Not Cool!

I thought I knew stress, but it turned out I had only met stress’s annoying younger cousin. Real stress is spelled m-o-v-i-n-g. At one point, I tried to convince myself that I didn’t like the rest of my stuff, just so I wouldn’t have to pack it up.

I don’t really need a bed, and I never really liked that couch it’s too cozy and everybody always wants to sit on it. They just get comfortable and never want to leave.

After two weeks of filling boxes, I was grateful to get a little help from my sister-in-law and my mom. Nevertheless, we hit a wall. What did we know about packing a dining room table and chairs, armoire, Bombay chest or television? I came to the conclusion that I needed professional help. It was time to start getting quotes from movers. Yippee!

Oh yeah! This is going to be fun, NOT!

I called a company that was highly recommended by friends and relatives. Three young guys arrived, fit for the job (if you know what I mean). They were very friendly, charming, and not bad to look at. I was delighted – until the lead man gave me his quote. It turns out moving is also very expensive!

How much?

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. I got my stuff packed and out of there, and the deal went through.

All’s well that ends well!

Having learned a great deal from this experience and being the kindhearted person that I am, I decided to share some tips with you.

Moving Tips

1/ Make friends with people lifting weights in the gym, before you move.

Hi! What big muscles you have. How much do you lift?

Hi! What big muscles you have. How much do you lift?

2/ Make sure the movers you hire are reputable.

Oops! My bad!

Oops! My bad!

3/ Make sure you tape up your boxes well.


4/ Resist the urge to pop bubble wrap before packing fragile items.

One more. Okay, just one more. Oh hell!

5/ When moving furniture, never be the person walking backwards.


7/ Dolly, good. Hernia, bad.

Ugh! I should have used a dolly!

Ugh! I should have used a dolly!

7/ It’s okay to curse at heavy furniture.

Cursing at the furniture

8/ It’s okay not to be completely honest with your labeling (think about it).

Label boxes discreetly

9/ Don’t forget to put air holes in the boxes when packing your pets. (I recall a gerbil incident growing up)



10/ Don’t pack dog and cats in the same box.

Find your own box!

Okay, seriously, if you’re planning on moving any time in the future these tips will surely help you. Good luck and may the force be with you because your friends and family won’t.

Click here for real Moving Tips


Bullies – Broken People

30 May

Bullies - Broken People

Illustration by Toon Hertz (Little Sad Boy II – deviantArt)

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Vashti Quiroz-Vega, for those of you visiting for the first time. I am a writer of Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller and Horror. I do, however, have a tendency to mix a little Romance or humor (among other genres) into my stories.

I love art, creativity and beauty, and I know these come in many forms. In my quest to build my author platform, I have met and befriended a group of incredibly talented individuals. Writers, poets, artists and even singers who are masterful at what they do. I feel blessed to have found them, and I would be selfish if I kept the beauty, artistry and creativeness of their craft all to myself.
So for the next few weeks I will be featuring their art, writings and music along with my own work on this blog. I guarantee you will enjoy every bit of it.
In today’s post I will feature the talented writer Jackson Baer.


I’m the father of four children, three of whom are in elementary school. There are few subjects that I care about as much as bullying. I’ve always been someone who stands up for others when they’re being picked on, and I have tried to instill in my children the following principles:
• Be a friend to everyone because you never know what others might be going through.
• Accept people who are different because you are different, too.
• Don’t judge anyone based on race, religion or sexuality. People are who they are, and if any of those things bother you, that’s your issue—not theirs.
• Be kind, and treat other people like you want to be treated.

Often, a bully acts out in response to a tough home life or other difficult circumstances, reducing emotional pressure by heaping abuse on a victim. If you stand by and do nothing to intervene, you send the bully the message that this kind of behavior is acceptable. The victim, meanwhile, might feel the whole world is against him. That’s why standing up for those in need is one of the greatest virtues. I have tremendous respect for my kids when they tell me about how they stood up for a classmate. Over the past year, there have been a handful of incidents where my kids have told a bully to stop picking on another kid, or where they’ve had to ignore bullies to avoid becoming targets themselves.
We have to pick our battles in life, and not everything is worth fighting over. Standing up for and befriending those who are vulnerable, however, is worth pursuing and is a message worthy of sharing with our kids.
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
~ Mark Twain

Jackson Baer’s Links

Great quote Jackson! Marvelous words to live by. If only every parent would teach their children the principles that Jackson so eloquently stated here, the world would be a much happier place. Unfortunately the world is filled with broken people searching for victims to torment.


Robbie_The Basement_Bullies

Excerpt from The Basement

“Look at Robbie jumping rope with the girls! What a sissy!” one of two boys yelled.
“I bet he’s too chicken to play flag football with us! Aren’t you, Robbie?”
“You’d rather play double Dutch with the girls!”
Robbie remained silent. Natasha and Cleo’s faces grew pink, and they exchanged awkward glances. Robbie whisked his head to read Natasha’s face, but she quickly tilted her head with a downward gaze.
“Yeah! Real men don’t jump rope!” the second bully shouted.
“Real men DO jump rope!” Robbie finally yelled in a brittle voice, his cheeks burning.
“No, they don’t!” the bullies hollered in unison, making Robbie jolt.
One of the bullies approached Robbie and shoved him. Robbie staggered, but did not fall. His face flushed beet red, and he wondered if the girls could hear his heart pounding. He stared at his feet so they wouldn’t be able to see his face. Cleo glimpsed timidly at Robbie, while Natasha regarded him with tightly pressed lips.
“Only sissies jump rope,” the bully hollered.
“Do you think I am a sissy?” said a deep masculine voice.
Wide-eyed and openmouthed, the bullies shook their heads. Natasha and Cleo smirked to see them tremble before the superintendent of their building, a tough, strapping man the neighborhood kids called Superman.
“We don’t think you’re a sissy, Mr. Superman,” one of the bullies responded timidly. The other just continued to shake his head, the heat rising in his cheeks.
“I jump rope all the time. All fighters do, even the retired ones. It is a good way to keep your endurance and burn calories. You boys should try it,” Superman said, wearing a grin.
“Yes, sir! ” The bullies nodded and ran away. Natasha and Cleo chuckled.
“Come on, Robbie, it’s still your turn,” Natasha called.
“I don’t think I want to play anymore,” Robbie said, kicking an innocent stone on the ground.
“Why not?” Natasha asked, scrunching her forehead.
Superman lifted his palm and spoke gently. “Wait a moment, Natasha. I need to speak to Robbie.”
Superman led him to his building’s basement, where they sat at the top of the steps.
“Why didn’t you want to continue playing double Dutch, Robbie?”
Robbie shrugged.
“You’re very good at it, you know.”
“It’s just that those kids called me a sissy in front of Natasha,” Robbie muttered, smiling faintly.
“That doesn’t make it so,” Superman told him.
“Yeah, but maybe they’re right. Maybe playing double Dutch isn’t for real men,” Robbie fretted. Superman’s facial expression became grave.
“Robbie, I’m going to tell you the characteristics of a real man. A real man has integrity. He is the same person whether or not others are watching. A real man has sympathy for others. He helps those who are hurting and works to make the world a better place. A real man has confidence. He has faith in his abilities. A real man is brave. He stands up in the face of hardship. And, Robbie, real men are humble. They realize that humility is more endearing than arrogance. Did those two boys have any of those traits?”
Robbie knitted his forehead in thought and then shook his head.
“So what could they possibly know about real men?” Superman asked, grinning.
Robbie smiled, and Superman patted him on the back.
“Why do those boys act that way?” Robbie asked, frowning again.
“Some bullies are just looking for attention. Others might think that bullying is a way to gain popularity or to get something they want. Certain kids may be copying actions they’ve seen someone else do, or they may have been bullied themselves.”
“But why do bullies always pick on me?” said Robbie, frustration etched on his face.
“Most tormenters pick on kids who they think they can upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. Every time a bully gets a big reaction out of you, it makes him feel powerful.”
“But what can I do if they start to call me names and laugh at me?” Robbie asked in a wobbly voice.
“Ignore them. Pretend you don’t hear them, and walk away. Acting as if you don’t notice and don’t care just might stop the bullies’ teasing.”
“What if I can’t leave?”
“Stand up for yourself. Pretend to be really brave and confident. Tell the bully to stop in a loud voice.”
Robbie bit his lip and frowned.
“Don’t show your feelings to the bully,” said Superman. “Count backward from a hundred, or sing a song in your head to keep your mind occupied until you are out of the situation and somewhere safe where you can show your feelings. Do you understand, Robbie?”
Robbie nodded.
“Anyway, I don’t think those two boys will be bothering you again. ”
Robbie put on a brave face for Superman as he thought, But what if your dad is the biggest bully of all?

THE BASEMENT is now available for purchase in paperback and ebook. (Nook, iBooks, Kindle and more..)