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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – George R.R. Martin

12 Jan

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Fantasy Quote-George R.R. Martin-Writer's Quote Wednesday

I have a love/hate relationship (in my head) with the author of A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin. He’s a brilliant writer and I love that he is fearless when it comes to taking risks with his storytelling, but if he kills off another one of my favorite characters . . . #%^ƒµ∫>!

Anyway, here are 10 Fantasy Writing Tips from the talented fantasy author that can help writers write their own epic tales. (Those are his comments under each tip.)

1- Don’t Limit Your Imagination

“Before A Song of Ice and Fire I had been working in television for ten years.When I went back to prose, there were suddenly no limits: I could write something huge with all the characters I wanted, with battles, dragons and immense settings.”

2- Choose your point-of-view characters to broaden the narrative’s scope

“My story is essentially about a world at war. It begins very small with everybody apart from Daenerys in the castle of Winterfell. It’s a very tight focus, and then as the characters split apart, each character encounters more people and additional POVs come into focus.”

3- It’s okay to “borrow” from history

“Although my story is fantasy, it is strongly grounded in actual Medieval history.”

4- Believable POVs

“Ultimately all of us are alone in the universe — the only person we ever really know deeply is ourselves. Obviously, I’ve never been a dwarf or a princess, so when I’m writing these characters I have to try and get inside their skin and see what the world would be like from their position. It’s not always easy.”

5- Grief is a powerful tool — but don’t overdo it

“Presenting not just death, but grief is important. At some point, we all experience the loss of our parents, or sibling or close friend and it’s a very powerful emotion.”

6- Violence should have consequences — so spare nothing! 

“If you’re going to write about Medieval-style warfare, you need to show it — those swords aren’t just for show. You should present it honestly in all its ugliness and horror.”

7- Avoid fantasy cliches

“One of the things that drives me crazy is the externalisation of evil, where evil comes from the “Dark Lord” who sits in his dark palace with his dark minions who all wear black and are very ugly.”

 8- Creating “grey” characters

“Grey characters have always interested me the most and I think the world is full of them.”

9- Juggling lots of characters takes skill — and luck

“Sometimes these damn characters have a mind of their own and refuse to do what I want them to do.”

10- Remember: Winter is coming

“There is darkness in the world but we don’t have to give way to despair. One of the best themes in The Lord of the Rings is that despair is the ultimate crime.”

♦ To read George R.R. Martin’s full article, which is very interesting and helpful, click on the link below.

Top 10 Fantasy Writing Tips From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

17 Jun

Hello everyone! Welcome to Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Colleen Chesebro from Silver Threading. Please visit her fabulous blog and check out her interesting posts.

Game of Thrones

“There are three rules for writing a novel.

Unfortunately no one knows what they are.”

~W. Somerset Maugham

Game of Thrones_George R. R. Martin


If you’re a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones then you may also be a fan of the author whose books the series is based on, George R. R. Martin. Whenever I talk about the rules of writing I tend to think of several popular writers, George R. R. Martin being prominent in my mind. He’s broken so many ‘rules’ I’ve lost count. But yet, he is genius in the choosing of which rules to break, and his timing is impeccable. His writing is unique and fascinating because he takes many risks. The HBO series is as captivating as his books because he is also one of the  screenwriters of the show.

What makes your writing different from that of other writers? Do you take risks when it comes to your writing?

Writer's Quote Wednesday_Game of Thrones_Vashti Q