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Happy Holidays!

20 Dec

I want to wish all my followers, friends and family a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa!

I’ll be popping in and out of social media during my holiday vacay, but my next blog post will be next year. Take good care of yourself, keep warm, and enjoy!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Festivals Around The World

23 Dec

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. Today is Writer’s Quote Wednesday and the day before Christmas Eve. The month of December is a very festive month for many families in the United States of America. The month is especially joyful for my family because  aside from the major holidays there are also six birthdays, including my mother’s on Christmas Eve! The month of December can get a little crazy but it’s also a month of blessings and good cheer. ❤

As excited as my family and I are about Christmas I’m sure there are other families around the world and here in the USA that are as excited about other holidays. This got me thinking about the different festivals celebrated that carry as much significance to others as Christmas and New Years does to so many of us.

Whenever we learn something new about other people, cultures, religions we become closer as a race––the human race. So I’ve listed several festivals celebrated around the world and in the USA. Click on a few and see what they’re all about.


Chinese New Year

Çocuk Bayrami


Raksha Bandhan



Seijin No Hi

Shichi Go San

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival

Dia De Los Muertos


Winter’s Solstice





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Happy Holidays!

Haiku Friday – Happy Holidays

19 Dec

Hello and happy holidays to everyone! Welcome to Haiku Friday. Today I’m posting some Christmas horror haiku. I’m actually in bed with the flu right now. It’s the fourth day so I’m feeling better. The last three days were bad. Maybe next year I’ll get the flu shot––maybe. Anyway, enjoy!



Vampire Santa Claus

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega


Blood drips from white beard

burrows deep into the soil

Until next Christmas



Attack of the Christmas Trees

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega


Verdant crown

Pine needles like sharp quills fly

Grotesque man-tree trimmed in lights






Happy Holidays from Florida!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas from Florida!

I want to wish a joyous Christmas and wonderful holiday season to all my fans, followers and readers. Thank you for all your support and feedback! I enjoy your visits and love reading your comments. Love you guys! I’m going to share a cheery and Christmasy poem by my friend AJ from ajwrites57 . Enjoy!



Santa sat 

Santa sat in calm reflection,
his heart was set in one direction,
Christmas day is near.



His opened list, he checked it twice
Who was naughty, who was nice,
Christmas day is near.

Soft white beard, stroked in thought,
Making sure no one’s forgot.
Christmas day is near.

Santa’s head chock full of names,
Who gets dolls and who gets games.
Christmas day is near.
Santa’s workshop in a flurry,
Santa pushed the elves to hurry.
Christmas day is near.

The North Pole filled with jolly hustle,
Santa laughs at frantic bustle.
Christmas day is near.

Santa’s Workshop

Mrs. Claus feeds and stuffs her man,
To make him jolly as she can.
Christmas day is near.

Toys for Tommy, toys for Jane,
No one forgotten, it is plain.
Christmas day is near.

Mrs. Claus loves to sing,
Fa-la-la’s when bells do ring.
Christmas day is near.

Santa’s elves outdo themselves,
Stacking toys upon the shelves.

Christmas day is near.

Presents packed in his red sleigh,
Elves have worked night and day.
Christmas day is here.

Eight reindeer groomed and fed,
Rudolph waiting at the head.
Christmas day is here.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
Christmas day is here.

Santa’s Full Sack

The children, good as gold each day,
You-Know-Who is on his way!
Christmas day is here.

His pipe fit tight between his lips,
His red suit wrapped round his hips.
Christmas day is here.

Through the night sky his team flew,
On the way to me and you.
Christmas day is here.

On the rooftops, click-click-click,
Tiny hooves landed mighty quick.
Christmas day is here.

Down the chimney with full pack,
Stockings stuffed with Cracker Jack.
Christmas day is here.

“To All, A Goodnight!”

Eats your cookies, drinks the milk,
Up the chimney, smooth as silk.
Christmas day is here.

“Happy Christmas to all tonight
To all I wish a fond Good Night!”
Christmas day is here.

Christmas_Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog

I wish we could store some of the Christmas Spirit in little mason jars and open a jar of it each month throughout the year!

Christmas_presents_Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog

Have a happy, safe and fun holiday season!