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Man Without A Name

24 Sep

Man Without A Name

A very warm welcome to my blog. I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Today I’m featuring the interesting, talented and mysterious poet: Kay Leez. I read her poem Man Without A Name on Google+ and it touched me deeply. Her words haunted me for days. I decided I had to share it.

In her words…

I write only as a means of self-expression – my inspirations coming from both personal and empathetic sources – with the hope that my words resonate and evoke emotions, or become the voice of those who are silent.

I am a Forensic Psychiatric Nurse going for my Masters degree in Psychiatric Nursing, and I also graduated with degrees in English and Biochemistry.

Kay Leez

Man Without A Name

A busy train station, Monday morning rush
Straphangers’ party, hot sweaty crush

I note with hesitation, the lone empty car
Excitement yet dread, I push the doors apart

Glorious sweet warmth, blast at my skin
But the fetid smell envelops me, soon as I step in

Oblivious to the world, asleep on the bench
Tattered and filthy, he exudes the stench

I grimace in disgust, pinching my nose
Swears on my lips, dusting my clothes

My mood turns blue, I take the furthest seat
Impatience begins to rise; I don’t try to be discrete

He’s wakened by the conductor, told he must leave
I sigh with gratitude, exhale with relief

He looks my way, I turn from embarrassment
I try to maintain distance, my look yet arrogant

But there’s something in his face, that catches my eye
The blank stare of defeat, as one ready to die

Don’t know what possesses me, but I follow him out the door
An inexplicable feeling, I don’t care to explore

His gait is unsteady, I am afraid he may fall
Instinctively from behind, I reach out then recall

He wanders along the platform, as though in a daze
From time to time he turns back, and catches my gaze

He probably wonders like I do, why I follow him
Words cannot explain; I am propelled by a whim

Suddenly he collapses, crumples to the ground
I rush forward and grab him; he falls without sound

I cradle him in my lap; he reaches for my face
Not sure what to expect, I stay my place

A gentle soft touch, for such a worn hand
Barely grazing my cheek; a move unplanned

The look in his eyes, brings me to tears
The look of wide wonder, that someone does care

The light of life gradually, begins to fade away
Fear surges over, as I start to pray

His body grows heavy; I hold him on my lap
A blank stare takes over; I know it’s not a nap

My heart is broken, by a stranger I just met
I hold him even closer, as he takes his last breath

Deep sobs rack my body, with disgrace and shame
How could I have been so heartless, to this man without a name?

by Kay Leez
Copyright © 2013 Kay Leez (Whispers). All Rights Reserved.

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“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.”

~Maya Angelou