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Haiku Friday – Jacob’s Ladder

12 Dec

Hi! Welcome to another Haiku Friday! This week’s haiku were inspired by RonovanWrites Weekly #PHOTOgraphy #HaiKU Rewind #21Climb&Heavens. The prompts are Climb and Heaven. The moment I saw those words on Ronowan’s post I thought of two things: 1. Jacob, a biblical Patriarch’s dream about a staircase to Heaven, and  2. Jacob’s Ladder the flower. So I wrote a haiku for each. Let me know what you think.


jacobs ladder_vashti quiroz-vega_blog

Jacob’s Ladder

As the end draws near

My soul climbs up the ladder

Closer to Heaven

baptisia_jacob's ladder

Jacob’s Ladder

Found in my Garden

Clusters of purplish flowers

Climbing toward Heaven


What do the words Climb and Heaven make you think about? Do you enjoy haiku poetry?