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Poetry Friday ~ Ghost & Hollow

19 Oct

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Tanka_Tuesday-Colleen Chesebro-Poetry_Friday-Vashti Quiroz Vega-the writer next door-Vashti Q-ghost-hollow


Ghost and Hollow are this week’s prompt words chosen by Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer.

*The catch is that we can only use the synonyms to these words in our poems.

Colleen hosts a challenge that anyone could participate in called, Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge every Tuesday, and you have until Sunday to create a post featuring your Haiku, Tanka, Haibun or Cinquain poem. She is an author and poet, and also does book reviews and so much more on her blog. Be sure to check it out.

If you’re looking for scary creatures and monsters look no further than the bible, especially the book of revelations.

Here are some of the monsters in the Bible:

Leviathan – This creature is described in the book of Job as a massive sea-monster who’s resistant to human weapons, breathes fire, and emits smoke from his nostrils.

The Dragon – Another beast from Revelation, the great Dragon is described as having seven heads and ten horns. He also has a tail capable of sweeping a third of the stars out of the sky. Some scholars identify this dragon as Satan himself.

Behemoth – In Job, one of the Bible’s oldest books, the Behemoth is described as a gigantic, powerful creature that can only be tamed by God. His tail is so large that it ‘moves like a cedar.’

In the book of Revelations there are two other unnamed monsters that rise from the ocean to reek havoc on Earth.

The Behemoth and Leviathan are also mentioned in the ancient Book of Enoch.

Fun Fact: According to the Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees and Dead Sea Scrolls Noah (from Noah’s Ark) was the first albino in recorded history.

In Revelations, Abaddon is described as “Destroyer”, the angel of the abyss, and as the king of an army of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, long women’s hair, lions’ teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger that torments for five months anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads. This angel also appears in the Jewish scriptures and is the theme of my Etheree poem.

Rodney Mathew-Poetry_Friday-etheree-Vashti Quiroz Vega-the writer next door-bible-revelations

“Out Of The Pit” by Rodney Mathew


(Abaddon’s Locusts)



of the void

he summons his

vast plague of locusts

to make phantoms of men

with tails of scorpions they

sting their victims, so painful the wound

that men shall seek death, and shall not find it

Poetry Friday-Vashti Quiroz Vega-the writer next door-Vashti Q-monsters-bible-leviathan-behemoth-monsters-revelations

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Heroes & Monsters

7 Oct

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome to my blog. Colleen Chesebro is a writer, poet, and book reviewer. She hosts an inspiring event every Wednesday on her blog, Silver Threading, called Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Anyone can participate by choosing a quote by a favorite writer and posting it on your blog. Check out her weekly wrap-up and be inspired by all the quotes.


“Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome.”

~Margaret Atwood


What scary thing have you overcome lately?