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Writers Quote Wednesday – PASSION

3 Aug

Welcome to another edition of Writers Quote Wednesday sponsored by Colleen Chesebro of Silver Threading and Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes. Anyone can participate by choosing a quote by a favorite writer then you may add artwork, photography, a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us all. You can add anything you like to highlight your quote. Have fun with it!

We have a great theme this week: PASSION chosen by Ronovan. 

passion-Marta Nael-art-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q-Writers Quote Wednesday

Painting by Marta Nael

I lifted my eyes 

And in the evening sky

A rare star shined bright

I opened my chest

She saw the scars on my heart

I asked the fine star

Bring my bloodthirsty lover

Where love leads, this fool follows

~Vashti Q

Marta Nael-artist-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q-Writers Quote Wednesday

Artist Marta Nael

“True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. It is, on the contrary, an element calm and deep. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and its devotion is real and abiding.”

~Ellen G. White

“A woman in love respects and raises up her man. She is his constant source of support. She matches his heart and passions with her own. She sees the very best in him, even when he does not. She is his foundation; what he returns home to.”

~Elizabeth Bourgeret

“A man in love is cautious with the decisions he makes, words he says and actions he takes, so he never purposefully causes her pain. He believes in her when she struggles believing in herself. He is her foundation, where she feels safe to be her true self.”

~Elizabeth Bourgeret

“I would prefer to live with bleeding heart where desire see darkness of uncertainty because I need to know the existence of love”

~Seema Gupta

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!