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Haiku Friday – Gold & Sing

2 Dec

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to my blog!

GOLD and SING are this week’s prompt words chosen by Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes.

Ron hosts a challenge that anyone could participate in called Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge every Monday, and you have until Sunday to create a post featuring your haiku poem. He is an author and poet and also does author interviews and much more on his blog. Be sure to check it out. Read Ron’s Haiku Prompt Challenge Guidelines for more information.

 “You can cage the singer but not the song.”

~Harry Belafonte

bird-cage-poetry-haiku-Friday-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q


by Vashti Q

She sings with the wind

Melodies of gilded love

That unlocks my heart

gilded-cage-Haiku-Friday-Poetry-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q


by Vashti Q

Awaiting twilight

The bird sings of golden stars

. . . and dreams of freedom

A gilded cage’s still a cage

––but singing makes it feel free

Enjoy the weekend!

Haiku Friday – Lock & Gab

19 Jun

Hello and welcome to Haiku Friday! Today’s prompt words are Lock and Gab via RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge. Visit Ron’s blog, RonovanWrites, and join in the fun! I had a hard time with the prompt words this week. I tried to write a slightly humorous haiku this week. Let me know what you think.

Lock & Gab_haiku_challenge

Babble, Jabber, Blab

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Unfastened the lock

Let yourself into my heart

Gabbed your way back out

“The road to hell is paved with gossip.”


“Words! What power they hold. Once they have rooted in your psyche, it is difficult to escape them. Words can shape the future of a child and destroy the existence of an adult.
Words are powerful. Be careful how you use them because once you have pronounced them, you cannot remove the scar they leave behind.”

Haiku Friday – Source & Thought

8 May

haiku friday-RonovanWrites-VashtiQ

Hello everyone! Welcome to Haiku Friday! Today’s prompt words are Source and Thought, provided by RonovanWrites Weekly Poetry Prompt Challenge.


by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

The source of my pain

No medicine man could find

I thought you loved me

haiku friday_Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog_RonovanWrites_Poetry

Cupid’s arrow stung

He completely missed the source

I thought I would die


“Hey, Cupid? Yeah. It’d be really nice if next time you shot both of us!” I found this hilarious statement on Tumblr and thought it would go perfect with my theme.


Do you ever think about the one that got away? Have you ever experienced unrequited love? Have you ever been stalked by someone (or stalked someone)?

Haiku Friday – Love & Last

30 Apr

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge


Hello! Welcome to my blog! I have to admit that when I read the prompt words for this week’s Haiku Friday, Love and Last, I was in a weird sort of mood. Once in a while, I get in a goofy, laugh at everything, I want to play and joke around mood, and that’s the kind of mood I was in when I wrote this week’s haiku. I was also starving after hours of writing and I wanted to celebrate because the writing went well. So I celebrated with––you guessed it––food.



Ebullient Eating

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

I love leftovers

Sometimes the last morsel is . . .

the most succulent

Haiku Friday_RonovanWrites_Vashti Q

After I satisfied my belly my mood changed . . .

haiku-Haiku Friday-Vashti Q-Poetry


by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

A million stars

Twinkle above in the night sky

One shines the brightest

Do you believe in true love? Are you in love?

Do you enjoy leftovers? What are your favorite leftover foods? 


Dead Words

22 Apr

I loved this poem by a mysterious, talented poet named Barrira. The poetry is raw and honest and if you feel nothing after reading one of this brilliant poet’s poems, well, you may want to check if your blood is red.

dead words_Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog_Poetry

Dead Words

by barrira

So much of what we want
Goes unsaid between empty
Spaces making the distance
Longer than it needs to be
All the “I love yous’” swallowed
Too scared of rejection we let
The aching hollowness to grow
Inside our chest locking the words
We shut off the inner voice harshly
Our hearts burdened under weight
We choke and stumble around
Never an “I’m sorry” letting our
Pride win over relationships we
Keep losing people slowly till one
Day the road mirrors a graveyard
“Thank yous” squashed under feet
We drive people away without
Realizing we are digging our holes
Only to wake up one day and be
Alone and numb from the inside
With regrets and what-ifs that tear
Us up by the burdens we carry
Till we pick a pen and bleed our
Hearts away letting the dead words
Out filling the voids and aches never
Heard before to let the world glimpse
The burdens of the silenced words
Hoping someone out there will act
Differently and live fully unlike us

Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog_Poetry_dead words_barrira

Random News

Today April 22nd, 2015 is EARTH DAY! It is also International Mother Earth Day and National Jelly Bean Day. So hug a tree, talk to your plants, and eat a handful of jelly beans! 😛

Haiku Friday – Foul & Sweet

27 Mar

Hello and welcome once more to ‘Haiku Friday’! Today’s prompt words from RonovanWrites Weekly Poetry Prompt Challenge are Foul and Sweet. Right away a certain person came to mind. Now, that may sound mean but if you knew this person you would completely understand ––and agree.



The Green-Eyed Monster

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

♦ ♦ ♦

Foul stench of envy

Hidden behind a sweet smile

Danger is amid

Haiku Envy

Whenever I come across a talented poet I like to share her or his work with my readers. Why should I have all the fun? It is my pleasure to introduce you to another gifted poet I met online. Her name is Izza Ifzaal and you can read her work on her blog a touch of my saint! This poem touched me because it was as if she were telling my story in a way. I’m sure many of you will relate.

A Sphere of Friendship

by Izza Ifzaal

That phase of life made her scared
From the envious and cunning Earth
Making her want to stay away from everyone
Because she had heard somewhere before
They are your worst enemies
Will eat every bit of you with vindication
Observing why are all in vain to have them
Making her suspicious and mysterious
Of this sacred bond of friendship which
Had nothing to offer other than animosity
But sooner or later she found herself
Entangled in this web, breathing life
Giving her a chance to experience this meaning of attachment
Compelling her to omit all the odds and letting
Her open eyes and just see there are great minds
Thinking like her, searching for her
Without even asking something in return because
She realized that balance is restored
Nobody can end up having all bad days or all good days
Sometime it’s dawn and sometimes it’s dusk
And what matters at the end of the day is this bond
Comforting you in dread of times coping up
With everything with this tad bit of sphere called friendship

What would a world without friends be like? Is someone in your life jealous and/or envious of you? Does this person try to make your life difficult? What frightens you? What gives you comfort?


Haiku Friday – The Best of the Best

20 Feb

Happy  Haiku Friday everyone! I present to you today some of the best Haiku poems ever written. Enjoy!




by Jan Allison

Thick Blanket of snow

snuggling the flowerbeds

with a winter wrap



Heavenly Herald

by Jan Allison

Dainty daffodil

your golden trumpet fanfares

the dawning of spring




by Andrea Dietrich

A child plays alone

Watching from behind a tree

A predator smiles


jeremy richter-morning glory-photography

Photograph by Jeremy Richter

Yellow Butterfly

by Cornelius Chidera

Yellow butterfly

flying toward the petal

of morning glory




by Casarah Nance

When summer sun seeps

Lily of the valley sleeps

Rise in the midnight


I hope you enjoyed these award winning Haiku poems. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Have a great weekend!


Beautiful Poems

1 Sep
The Butchering Goddess

Lilith by Samantha Meglioli (deviantART)

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Vashti for those of you that do not know me. I love art, creativity and beauty, and I know these come in many forms. In my quest to build my author platform I have met and befriended a group of incredibly talented individuals. Writers, poets, artists and even singers who are masterful at what they do. I feel blessed to have found them and I would be selfish if I kept the beauty, artistry and creativeness of their craft all to myself.
So from time to time I will be featuring art, writings and music along with my own work on this blog. I guarantee you will enjoy every bit of it.
In today’s post I will feature a very talented poet Dr. Archit Srivastava. The two poems featured here are powerful and will enthrall you. They are saturated in beauty and intensity. They become more pleasing every time you read them. Dr. Srivastava writes with the pen name Archwordsmith, he began writing at the tender age of ten, and is currently single.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog

Dr. Archit Srivastava

Dr. Archit Srivastava –

“I am a doctor by profession, still fresh in this field and a poet by
heart. I easily get affected by the ills of society and pour out my
empathy in form of words. I believe that poetry isn’t mere rhyming of
words but an energy with infinite potential to change this world.”

The butchering goddess

She stared at her womb,
Eyes greedy; gleaming,
A smile she offered,
Inside joyously screaming,
Gleefully motioned,
To the opposite chair,
The father apprehensive,
Mother in morbid fear,
She was now a master,
She read them well,
Mind wandering to greens,
Dreamt her fortunes swell,
He spoke in hushes,
She responded in affirmation,
Planned together,
A heinous operation,
She worked out a deal,
Like a vegetable vendor,
Smiled in hell, the Satan,
As her soul surrendered,
Reached they an agreement,
The doomsday was set,
Her thirst for the blood,
Drowned her regret.

Came the day of devil,
He brought her ready,
She handed reassurances,
Her demeanor steady,
The nurse prepped up the OT,
As she put on the gloves,
The angels began wailing,
In the skies above,
She walked in to butcher,
To feast on her sin,
As the nurse shut the chamber,
Cordoning of the din,
She peaked on adrenaline,
In that house of slaughter,
Cutting of the cord,
Of yet another daughter,
And when out she stepped,
Her hands were sparkling clean,
But clean weren’t those eyes,
Bloodied, remorselessly gleamed,
The father stood relieved,
His burden was disposed,
Handed over the niceties,
Like she had proposed,
And when she returned home,
Cuddled up her daughter,
She had forgotten the blood,
Forgotten the slaughter.

Not a tear of regret fell,
Not a hint of remorse,
As she slept content with self,
Her lust screaming for more.


Supporting by Youffie (nami64 deviantART)

Supporting by Youffie
(nami64 deviantART)

The last letter

Silent is the night,
But I fear it won’t last,
Waiting for the calm,
To be shattered by a blast,
So sad, so deplorable,
This heaven is now a hell,
I walk around clutching the death,

Waiting for dropping shells.

I look at the skies,
I feel so alone,
Thinking of you my love,
I wish I could be home,
I wish in were my arm,
Not death but my life,
I dread the fact that I may,
Never kiss you dear wife.

I walk along the fences,
The barbed wires say,
Your life is more bloodied,
Than we ever may,
And yes, you may have,
Love waiting back somewhere,
Tangled in our world of hate,
You’ll never feel that care.

I focus in the dark,
For shadows that may move,
My grip tightens on trigger,
But I still think of you,
Torn like a piece of paper,
Between this love and war,
I wish for you the smiles,
Ready to take the scars.

Oh there goes the enemy,
His canons breathing fire,
The deafening boom simply strokes,
All my hidden desires,
The sky is lightning up,
As I run to take cover,
If I come back in pieces,
Well I’ll still be your lover.


Please click on the links below to connect with Dr. Archit Srivastava and to read more of his work.