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My Friday Post

8 Jul

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I apologize for that. I’d been dealing with certain issues—problems that interfered with my ability to write or blog. Things are improving, and I have begun writing again. I’m currently working on my next book, a crime thriller. If you’re an author and have written a crime thriller I would appreciate any advise or tips you care to leave in the comments below.

I had hoped that the first post on my blog would be a cheery one, but I was compelled to speak out on the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Let me start by saying, I’m a Christian. I’ve never had an abortion; on the contrary, my husband and I tried for years to conceive a child and never did. I have worked in the OB/GYN field of medicine for years and witnessed how some women used abortions as if it were a type of “Planned Parenthood.” They’d come in every few months with, “Oops, my bad. I got pregnant again.” Giggles. Well, it wasn’t funny to me. Having an abortion is not a form of contraceptive. On the other hand, I also witnessed twelve and thirteen year olds forced by their religious parents to carry a baby to full term despite the danger on the pregnant child, “Because it’s God’s will.” Some of those girls were raped by family members. We had a thirteen-year-old who had placenta accreta, almost hemorrhaged to death after giving birth, and had to have her uterus removed.

I also watched as some women gave birth to baby after baby without being financially or mentally fit to do so. I actually heard one woman say, “As long as the government keeps payin’ for them, I-ma keep popin’ them out.” Her four kids were wearing rags that hardly fit, ran around the waiting room like little wild animals, touching everything, one of them was sneezing and coughing on everyone (including other pregnant women), and they were all screaming at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile, she sat reading a magazine while everyone else looked after her kids. She didn’t seem to have a maternal bone in her body, but yet she kept having kids for the rest of us to support. I know it isn’t PC to say these things, but it’s the truth.

I remember another case in which a woman insisted on carrying her pregnancy to term, although, her doctor advised against it. She had a condition and a pregnancy would complicate the disorder or cause her and/or her baby to die. She wanted a child so badly she decided to chance it. She gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl and immediately began to wither away. Despite her doctors doing everything they could, even ordering medication for her from Europe and paying for it out of their own pockets, she died before her baby turned six months old.

I’ve witnessed these things and will carry them with me for the rest of my life. And because of everything I’ve experienced, I am extremely confused and don’t know how to feel about abortions. But there’s one thing I know for sure; the overturning of Roe vs. Wade is a step backward for all women. A basic right was taken away from us.

Although I never had an abortion and at this point in my life never will; I still feel that no one has the right to take that choice away from other women. After all, if God gave human beings free will so that we may choose our own way, who are these people to take that right away? God must hate many of the choices we make, but he still allows us to make them.

I welcome all opinions. Please feel free to comment on whatever you’d like in the comment section below. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a fabulous day.