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Happy Birthday To Me!

5 Aug

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi everyone! My name is Vashti Quiroz-Vega for those visiting my blog for the first time. I’m a writer of Fantasy, Suspense and Thriller, and normally my blog is about writing, poetry and art. I feature my work and the work of others whose creativity and talent I admire. Today is different. Today is my birthday. Therefore, I am going to honor the requests of several fans who’ve asked me to please post more about me.

Now, usually I am a bit shy about talking or writing about myself. Today I will make an exception. So here it is:

10 Facts About Me

1. I sleep walk. (No, none of my writing has been done while asleep)


2. I love to travel. I’ve been to Spain, Greece, Italy, Africa, Croatia, Alaska, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and many other Caribbean Islands among other places. There are still many countries I long to visit.



3. I have an adventurer’s spirit. I have zipped lined off a 1000 ft ledge onto a beach in Haiti, river raft in Costa Rica, did some cave tubing in Belize (saw huge bats), snorkeled in near freezing water in Alaska (I was covered from head to toe in a dry suit of course)…

Zip Lining in Haiti

Zip Lining in Haiti

4. I love to cook and bake. (I made all the hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and desserts for my novel “The Basement” Pre-Release Party).

The Basement Pre-Release Party

The Basement Pre-Release Party

5. When I was a kid I wanted to be a superhero. When I was a teen I wanted to be a missionary and travel to exotic places to teach kids about God and how to read and write.


6. Although writing is my passion I do have a day job in the medical field. I’m a Registered Medical Sonographer. I perform Abdominal, OB/GYN and Vascular ultrasound exams.


7. I can predict how almost any movie will end by the first quarter of the movie. People have tested me on this.  ;D Some of my favorite movies are the ones I couldn’t predict.

Usual Suspects

8. I had an imaginary friend as a child.

Imaginary Friend

9. I’m a kid at heart. I enjoy being silly and pulling practical jokes on my friends and family.

Silly Blonde

10. I don’t tend to trust people that don’t have a sense of humor.

Happy Birthday

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me.