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Haiku Friday – Beacon & Field

20 Mar

RonovanWrites_Vashti Quiroz-Vega_writers

Welcome to Haiku Friday! Well this week Ronovan from RonovanWrites did not make it easy with his Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge! Check out these prompt words: Beacon and Field. Yikes! I almost broke my brain trying to come up with something and just when I was about to give up, Florence Nightingale popped in my head. Here’s my haiku.

Florence Nightingale Holding Lamp

The Lady with the Lamp

by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Florence Nightingale

Shinning on the battle field

A beacon of hope

Florence Nightingale by Henry Hering, copied by  Elliott & Fry

Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. During the Crimean War she managed a group of nurses, trained by her, and she organized them to tend wounded soldiers. She elevated the reputation of nursing and became an icon of Victorian culture, especially in the persona of “The Lady with the Lamp” making rounds of wounded soldiers at night. She was a hero in the war especially in those days when most of the soldiers that died did so from infection and disease rather than from their actual wounds. She changed a lot of that. And guess what? She was also a writer, although much of her published work was concerned with spreading medical knowledge. You can read more about her here.


In many medical facilities nurses are overworked, underpaid, and in many cases unappreciated. Are you a nurse? Is there a nurse in your family? Do have a friend who is a nurse? If so, thank her or him for me. It’s one of the hardest jobs.