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Pumpkins, Fog Bubbles & Glitter, oh my!

1 Oct


Oh my gourd! We’re in October already! I love the month of October. I enjoy fall decorating and seeing all my family, friends, and neighbors’ decorations as well. Last year I wrote a series of scary stories and articles leading up to Halloween. Many of you really enjoyed that. So I plan to do the same this year. However, I wanted to begin the month by sharing some elegant, whimsical, scary, and fun fall decorating ideas. Hopefully this will inspire you to decorate your home or at least the entrance to your house. Some of you are planning to throw a fall or Halloween party. I’m going to share some fun ideas that will help you with that also. Enjoy!

There are so many awesome decorations we can make using pumpkins.


The Budget Decorator shows us 13 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

I love this simple yet elegant idea. 


Denim Pumpkin! This is so cute! At Between Naps on the Porch you can learn how to decorate a pumpkin like this.



At Sidetracked Sarah you can find many creative ways to decorate with pumpkins from Jack-O-Lanterns to elegant centerpieces.



You’ll find some cool pumpkin decorating ideas at The Boo and the Boy 

Love this! ⇓ Looks like a lot of work, but I think it could be worth it. Especially if you’re having a party or get together.


I  glitter! What is it about these sparkly, colorful little particles that make me turn all girlie? Get in touch with your girlie side. Kirsten from 6th Street Design will show you how you can make your own glittery leave garland.




You can create this adorable pumpkin family. Just visit AllYou for easy to follow instructions.

Fall_decorations_vashti Quiroz-Vega_blog

Are you throwing a Halloween party? These are some fantastic ideas! Your family and friends will be amused.

You can project spooky animations on your windows or garage door with DVDs from Hallowindow!

Target has a new Bubble Fogger Machine. It blows bubbles and when they burst they release fog. How creepy is that?

How about Drink Labels? You can label your wine, liquor or even your water bottles with  Zombie Virus, Witches Poison, Wicked Remedy, Swamp Water . . . you get the picture. You can buy some here or make your own. Download FREE labels from here.


bubble fogger

Labels - grandin road_halloween_party


I love these HGTV lighted witches’ brooms for the front walk.

Lighted Brooms 1

Great Halloween decoration ideas from CuriousSofa.com


hutch_black birds_halloween_decorations


Painted acorns! How pretty is this? Learn how to do it with Beth from Home Stories A to Z


Fabric wrapped pumpkins. What a great idea for your tablescapes or mantels. Get them here.


What are your plans for this month? Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you throwing a party?


The Fog

3 May
The Fog

Alone in the Fog

The Fog

There has always been something truly eerie about a fog—the way a dense, gloomy fog rolls in and covers everything in a shroud of mystery.
The way it creeps in, spreading its misty tentacles over all.
Why does the image of an ephemeral wall of mist chill us to the bone? Perhaps because a fog is mystifying, dim and wet. Or maybe because everything we see inside the cold, thick fog resembles dark and ominous shadows.
A fog blurs our vision, it blinds us to what’s coming and makes us unsure of the destiny that awaits us on the other side. It conjures feelings of vulnerability, despair and fear.
Don’t get caught in the fog!

I beg your pardon…that was just the rambling of an over-stimulated writer’s mind. Welcome to my blog! Actually, a fog is defined as “a collection of liquid water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth’s surface.” – Wikipedia
…but what if a fog has infiltrated your brain?


The Fog

Illustration by phantomphreaq (deviantArt)

Excerpt from THE BASEMENT

Cleo pounded repeatedly on the door. She knocked as hard as she could to no avail. She rubbed her knuckles, which had begun to ache. Just as she decided to give up and turned to leave, someone finally opened the door. It was Robert. He looked a mess! His hair resembled a bird’s nest. Apparently, she had woken him.

Amidst all the drama the night before, as he tried to teach his son a lesson in manhood while his wife interfered, Robert had become very upset. After his wife left the apartment to look for Robbie, he drank heavily. He gulped down one beer after another and passed out on his easy chair in the living room. The banging on the door shook him from a deep slumber.

Cleo wore a concerned grimace. “Something’s happened to your son!”

Robert, who was a bit disoriented, gawked at the girl, his forehead crinkled in confusion. He wore a bewildered expression, and his eyes darted to and fro. He winced and rubbed his head. He had a terrible headache—one of the disagreeable aftereffects of drunkenness.

“What are you talking about?” he asked in a gruff voice. “My son’s sleeping in his room.”

Cleo watched as he staggered forward like a drunk, expending huge amounts of energy just staying in one place.

“Your son’s downstairs sitting on the sidewalk in front of this building!” Her voice was shrill, and her eyes were opened wide. “He could be hurt! He’s covered in blood! You need to come downstairs right away!”

Roberts’s hands flew to cover his ears, and he grimaced as his head throbbed from her screams.

“You sent him down to the basement last night!” she added with reproach. Then Cleo rolled her eyes at him, spun, and zipped down the stairs.

“That doesn’t make sense. His mother went down to the basement last night to get him!”

Robert was ranting, unable to focus, until a light bulb went on in his head and burned the infiltrating fog. Panic surged through his body and seemed to sober him up.

“My poor son!” he gasped.

He shambled to Robbie’s room. He needed to check for himself whether or not his son was there. He pushed open the door to Robbie’s room and saw he was indeed gone. He proceeded to his bedroom to wake his wife, but when he looked inside, he was shocked to see the bed had not been slept in. Dread overcame him again.

“What happened last night in that basement?” he asked under his breath.

His pulse began to race, and he breathed heavily. He did not bother to brush his teeth or fix his messy hair. As he bolted out the door, he was still wearing the same unkempt clothes he wore the day before—the very clothes he had soaked with foul perspiration, and which now stuck to his salty flesh. He had the appearance and startling, offensive stench of a vagrant. At the moment, he did not care about such things. All he could think about, as he rushed down the stairs, was getting to his wife and son.

What happened in the basement? 

Click to purchase The Basement at amazon paperback and eBook (Kindle)

Click to purchase
The Basement at amazon
paperback and eBook (Kindle)

Click to purchase  The Basement in paperback or eBook (Nook)

Click to purchase
The Basement in paperback or eBook (Nook)